Thursday, October 13, 2011

Four Words

No mas jamon Iberico! For that matter, no more foie gras either. I have OD'd on both since I've been in Spain. A recent dinner entree was a hunk of foie gras the size of a small filet mignon. It's served here with just about anything you can think of ... fried eggs, risotto, steak, salad and probably even cardboard. Oh, my arteries!

Headed home tomorrow and not a moment too soon. If I was something less than a skinny cook before, I am even less so now. (Can you say "porker?")

Nonetheless, I am returning with some great ideas and lots of inspiration. See you in a few days after I get over my jet lag and utter exhaustion from a week of vigorous mountain hiking.

Hasta luega! Headed out for one last dinner...

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