Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonder Woman Lives

Yeah, that would be me. I hit the ground running yesterday and managed to buy everything (let me repeat that: EVERYTHING) for this model apartment I'm setting up. Here's what I started with - a studio apartment with gorgeous parkay floors, a crappy couch and an overstuffed ugly chair. There was some other ugly furniture in there as well, but it's history now.

You try running around the city (yeah, I wore track shoes) to find enough stuff that's acceptable and can be delivered on a day's notice. That's what I did. Bed Bath and Beyond? Thank you for being within walking distance. I spent three hours there, picking and choosing (with absolutely no help at all, kinda like the service you get at Home Depot). Still, it worked. Then on to Straight from the Crate (garbage), Pottery Barn (not much better) and a few random stores in between. And then I stumbled into Crate and Barrel. Oh yes! That sweet associate Andy gave me a scanner and I just walked around the place and zapped everything that needed to be delivered today. Hell yes! (of course, there was the phrase "some assembly required" but hey - I can deal with that).

It all arrived today and we have a big head start on making this happen. But did I mention that the a/c in the building died 2 days ago? They're working on getting it repaired ($22,000 and three days later) but for now, it's beyond hot in there. I sweated more today than I ever thought possible. And April (Andy's girlfriend, whom I adore) was right there with me. Thank you, April! Men? Assembly? Who needs them? We didn't.

So tomorrow is the day to finish it off. The bed gets delivered, everything gets hung (drills required, thanks to the non-sheet rock walls) and I hope, I hope it all comes together. I think it will. I'll post pictures tomorrow night.

Wonder Woman? Yup, that's me!

Oh, and the diet? Not to worry. Who has time to eat, anyway? Certainly not me. All I cared about tonight when I got back to my crappy room (oh, I forgot I'm not supposed to say that) was a v-e-r-y long shower!

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