Friday, April 16, 2010

Live From St. Martin

Here's what I found in the Grand Case grocery store today:

Local hot sauce

Locally roasted coffee

Blood orange juice

French butter with fleur de sel

Goat yogurt from France - in glass jars, no less

Need I say more about why I like this place so much?


  1. nuff said.
    Is the glass-jar yogurt still available?

  2. Yes - you can get it at Match (grocery store in Marigot) and also at that new grocery store (which I can't remember the name of)just outside of Grand Case. And if you are in St. Martin right now, I am jealous!

  3. hmm... not exactly? alright, no, I'm not.
    And had I read properly, instead of just looking at the pictures, I would have realized that you're not there either...
    I was going to make you an offer you can't refuse for some of these adorable pots (emptied). I'm on a French yogurt pots search.
    Fruitless, of course, so far.
    Well, at least now you know you're son is not the only one reading your blog.
    And I wanted to thank you for your two recent Baked posts as well. And those cake pictures...
    Making the cake is a feat I'm not quite ready to attempt, but perhaps I'll start by trying to make the caramel and the frosting, just for the sake of experiment. (Do you think the shortening used in the cake can be replaced with more butter? I haven't got any here.)
    The brownies, though, one of these days...
    Anyway, thank you for your kind response, and a lovely blog!
    Merry Christmas!