Saturday, August 29, 2009


A little over two years ago, we sold the 85-year-old home we had lived in for 20 years. We moved into a wonderful new home, just a mile away, that had things I had never experienced before (like a garage). The move was also a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all the stuff we had accumulated (I will not go into what the basement looked liked. Suffice it to say that the changing table we used for my sons, now aged 27 and 25, was still buried down there).

So we simplified things and moved into a "clutter-free" zone. I really enjoy knowing where everything is and that the useless stuff is at a minimum.

And did I learn my lesson? Ya think??? Well, basically I have, but sometimes I still get a few bad urges. Like last year when I was in our local hardware store and saw that beautiful Mario Batali orange pizza pan.

Of course I bought it. And then felt compelled to spend the next few months making every kind of pizza known to man. I clipped a recipe from our local paper for a sausage and burrata pizza. Burrata? What's that?

The recipe allowed that it is similar to fresh mozzarella. "Okay," I thought. "I'll just pick some up at Whole Paycheck." Haha, was I in for a surprise! The stuff was NOWHERE to be found. I didn't waste to much time worrying about it though, and just bought fresh mozz instead. Worked just fine.

Then last spring I found myself in South Beach, sitting outside an Italian cafe on Lincoln Road for lunch with my husband (that would be Henry with the lack of hair). Burrata was on the menu. I ordered it.

It showed up with some gorgeous tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. I cut into what looked like a piece of fresh mozzarella and all of this creamy goodness came oozing out from inside. It was astonishing. It was delicious. It was addictive. I grudgingly gave a (small) taste to Henry. His reaction was similar to mine: holy shit!

As I mentioned before, it's hard to find. It's imported from Italy and isn't readily available. It also has an extremely short shelf life. I found it at Murray's Cheese in New York City (the most amazing cheese shop - don't miss the place if you visit the city) but even they don't have it all the time.

But they had it this week. It's now sitting in my fridge and we are about to enjoy it. It's $10.99 for a container (buy two) and overnight shipping is only $9. A bargain, if you ask me. Here's the link:

And don't blame me if you become addicted.

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