Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Bear with me, please. Gotta figure out a better format for recipes. It didn't post as I wrote it.

I'll figure this out, right?


  1. Liz!
    I had a wonderful sampling of what you're capable of doing when you catered Liz's baby shower. You rock!
    Love, love, love your blog. It's as creative as you are. Keep it coming!
    All this baking and you STILL have time to workout.
    What you're doing for our soldiers is beyond wonderful. The time and effort are real signs of truly caring. Thank you for doing that, Liz, and thanks for sharing with all of us.
    Miss Dale

  2. Hi Liz,
    I saw Julie and Julia last evening with my friend, Judy. It was wonderful! Carol sent me your blog and I have read most of it...I LOVE it and am anxious to see the coming efforts from you. I appreciate the stories about the cakes for our soldiers...what a blessing to are FABULOUS !!!
    See you Monday! Fondly, Cynthia Johnson